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Cantaloup Clubhouse is a multifunctional space that can be rented for various (cultural) activities for both adults and children. In the past years the clubhouse was used for example: by theater groups (as a space for practice); for art classes for children and for the meetings of the “seniors club”. During the weekends the clubhouse can he rented (from 14:00 till 18:00) by the community members of the neighborhood as a venue of birthday celebration for children.

The rent for (a part of) a day is: €75,-

The playground itself is not for rent and cannot be reserved as it is a public space!

What’s inside the clubhouse - photos #

Rules of renting of the clubhouse #

We manage and maintain this unique place in the city with voluntary work. You may use the clubhouse only once, but the clubhouse is used regularly, multiple times per week by the people who live in the neighborhood. We would like to kindly ask you to take note of the rental rules so that we can enjoy clubhouse and the playground for many years to come. Thank you in advance!

  • number of people allowed: Up to 34 persons (in total adults and children). The use of the clubhouse should not result in disturbance for the people living nearby.
  • window shutters: The shutters are easy to detach from the inside. When leaving the clubhouse, all hatches and doors must be properly closed. Store the screws and nuts for the shutters carefully - do not loose them during your party.
  • fire related: By order of the fire brigade, 2 doors must always be open. The door in the entrance hall and the door to the playground can be opened with the same key.
  • baking/cooking: Preparing food is only allowed with the cooking/baking facilities present in the kitchen. Frying, stone grilling, gourmet, grilling, barbeque, etc. is not allowed in the clubhouse or in the playground.
  • decorations: There are hooks on the beams for hanging garlands or other decorations. Under no circumstances may you hang garlands from the (metal wires of the) lamps.
  • smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited - both in the clubhouse as well as on the entire terrain of the plauground.
  • alcohol use: Only responsible use of limited / small amounts of alcohol for celebrations is allowed inside of the clubhouse. It is not allowed to use it outside of the clubhouse, and it is not allowed to place empty glass / bottles outside of the clubhouse. Please take Houdt er in alle gevallen rekening mee dat u zich in een openbare Speeltuin bevindt.
  • large toys: Bringing your own (large) toys such as bouncy castles, swimming pools, etc. is not allowed in the clubhouse and the playground.
  • playground: You only rent the clubhouse, the playground can never be reserved for exclusive use. Please note that other visitors must be able to use the playground freely.
  • rental hours: You rent the Clubhouse from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You may enter the Clubhouse up to one (1) hour prior to and one (1) hour after this rental time due to preparation and closure/cleaning up of your activity.
  • garden plots: On the left side of the long hedge is a number of garden plots, children are not allowed to go there.
  • questions: Questions during the rental can be asked to your contact person.
  • damage/liability: see general terms and conditions. (???link???)
  • after completion - checklist:
    • Cleaning and tidying up: large room, inventory, kitchen, corridor, indoor toilet and terrace, vacuum and mop floors (also corridor and toilet).
    • Cleaning products are at the bottom of the sink cabinet.
    • The vacuum cleaner is inside by the kitchen window.
    • Brooms are behind the metal cabinet in the front porch.
    • Sweeper and dustpan are in the kitchen.
    • Kitchen towels: you bring your own clean kitchen towels. Please hang used towels from the club house separately in the front porch.
    • Toilet paper: you bring your own roll of toilet paper.
    • Garbage must be deposited in the containers outside of the clubhouse and the playground. After your rental please put in a clean garbage bag for the pedal bin.
    • Fridge: please leave it clean and empty
    • Tables/chairs: please put them back in place

Availability #

(“busy” means it is rented out)

Rental request form #