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About 'canta'

The neighborhood playground “De Cantaloup” is situated in the heart of The Hague since the ’70s. It has a football field, recreation bath and the clubhouse. The clubhouse was renovated in 2008.

The Cantaloup Clubhouse Foundation is a non-profit organization managing the clubhouse in the Cntaloup playground. Apart from renting and upkeeping of the clubhouse the foundation organizes various activities for children, such as “National Streetplay day” in June, Easter egg-hunt, St Martin lantern procession, St Nicolas celebration etc. A group of enthousiastic volunteers living in the neighborhood makes this possible. They do it next to their regular work. In terms of financing, the foundation is dependent on the funds from the municipality, as well as from donations.

The playground itself is a public space and is managed and taken care of by the municipality. In terms of questions of complaints with regards to the playground, kindly contact the municipality of The Hague directly.

The recreation bath is open on the warm summer days. The bath can only be turned on and used if a member of the clubhouse board is present. The use is free of charge, but please note that the use is at your own risk.

Photos of the playground #

Avatar Omarmt (2015) #

The statue “Avatar Omarmt” situated in the corner of the playground is made by Nenad Stankovic. It is a tribute to Sigrid Adriaens and her statue “Omarming” (1994). This statue is realized 20 years later, according to the wish of Sigrid, who wished to see her piece big enough for children to climb on it and play.

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